Race Fans to Limit Themselves to a Case of Beer

Brave Australian motor sports fans will trek across the continent to take in the spectacle of the Bathurst 1000 race with the full knowledge that, when they arrive, they will have to get by on one case of beer for the whole day’s festivities.  (Per person, of course.  This is still Australia.)

Drunk ass race fan

It’s only one case of beer if you stick to the “full-strength” stuff and 36 cans if you watch your waistline with the light stuff.  (Of course, if you’re drinking 50% more beer… never mind.  New South Wales is not a safe harbour for logic.)  Or a case of pre-mixed drinks or a cask of wine or… look, you can still get good and wasted, but they’re counting ounces, got it?

The chief superintendent backs the measure:

“These restrictions are very generous,” Chief Superintendent Steve Cullen said today.

“Anyone who needs to drink more than 24 cans of beer in a day to have a good time is not welcome.”

To be fair, it depends on the event.  All-day car race?  Okay, we’ll concede the point.  A Steve Traschel start?  Jesus, that won’t even get us through the third inning.  (Though we don’t know if he could get through the third himself anymore.)

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