Was Shaq’s Shaunie In 2 Live Crew Video At 17?

I was sent a video today by an emailer who claims that Shaq’s estranged wife Shaunie O’Neal (photos) appeared in a 1987 2 Live Crew video called Move Somethin‘:

Was Shaunie O'Neal in a 2 Live Crew video

After spending waaay too much time studying the video, I can’t decide if it’s her or not. So you make the call.

Is the woman in the ‘87 2 Live Crew Video Shaunie O’Neal?

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Scroll to 2:43:

If the video was shot in 1987, when the track was released, Shaunie was only 17. By 2 Live Crew standards, her alleged appearance was very tame. If I had to guess, I’d say it isn’t her. But the resemblance is striking.

With Uncle Luke the master marketer that he is, if Shaunie was in there, I think we would’ve known long ago.