Question: Were The Laker Girls Always That Hot?

Here’s some shots recently sent in by readers of the Laker Girls from the 1980s:

Laker Girls 2008 vs. 1988 Comparison

From the 1988 Lakers victory parade:

Lakers Girls from the '80s

Finally, the Lakers’ recruiting secret for Laker Girls revealed? …

Laker Girls From the '80s

Looks to me like the team has long been dipping into the Las Vegas Hilton’s waitstaff.

Now, like you, I couldn’t stop wondering who the woman in that first photo was.

So I found out.

Her name is Lisa Estrada, and she’s now in charge of picking the Laker Girls each year.

Laker Girls Lisa Estrada

As part of a local KCBS-TV puff piece two years ago, Estrada said that she has turned down many offers to produce a Laker Girls reality show.

Estrada also mentioned that she turned down numerous opportunities to do reality shows about the Laker Girls, saying that she preferred documentaries, which had been made about her dance team in the past. The coach said that documentaries are “More informative, versus the trial and tribulations of reality.”

According to Estrada, it is imperative for her dance team to keep up a positive image, and to represent integrity. She would not want the team to become a mockery or a stage for young women to dramatize their life issues on a reality television show.

If the Lakers reverted back to what the club experienced during the extremely lean ’90s, what’s the odds Lakers management would feel differently about showcasing the Laker Girls in a reality show?

If only reality shows were around in 1988, when the above video was shot. I’d have been most intrigued following the girls around in the offseason as they serviced cigarette machines at the Four Queens.