QB-Sneaking Back Into Your Heart, It’s The USFL!

Just when you thought that your memories of the Denver Gold and the Pittsburgh Maulers must be resulting from some Tijuana-induced drug flashback, the news hit: The USFL is back! But unlike the UFL, with its fancy “press conferences” and “letting people know they exist,” the USFL just kind of quietly put up a web site, and if you happen to stumble upon it, great. Welcome aboard!

Steve Young

(Steve Young, during his glory days with the L.A. Express)

I didn’t hear of this until Tom Hoffarth of the LA DAILY NEWS reported it in his blog — odd, since Los Angeles doesn’t seem to have a team in this new USFL World Order — and linked to their new web site. According to Hoffarth, Tom Ramsey, the former UCLA and Los Angeles Express quarterback, is among a San Diego-based group running the new league.

A 10-team, 16-game schedule is set for this coming spring, if all goes well. Ah, spring, where the old USFL should have stayed, instead of switching to the fall in 1984. New Jersey Generals owner Donald Trump, on advice from his hair, reasoned then that if the new league competed directly with the NFL, it would force a merger, and his team would be worth millions.

The Donald’s business instincts were right on the money, as always.
Here’s the new web site, which you cannot help but love. First of all, it looks like it was created on Windows 95, and secondly, how can a league that features a photo of Brian Sipe on its front page ever fail? It’s not exactly a fountain of information right now; work in progress, I suppose. But I’m already having trouble with one of its claims:

The very best in coaches and players? Even Denny Green is otherwise employed. But let’s give spring football a chance. I want to see Travis Henry back in the game as much as you do.