Pussycat Doll Trying To Steer F1 Star To The Altar

In the European sports scene, it’s not just soccer players who can score some fine female companionship. Formula One drivers do pretty well for themselves, too. Like Jenson Button getting to celebrate his victories with marvelous model Jessica Michibata. And Lewis Hamilton getting to party post-race with Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

Lewis Hamilton Nicole Scherzinger

But now it seems that Nicole wants Lewis to make an honest woman out of her. Good luck with that, Lew - you’ll need it.

Oh wait, she means she wants to get married. (More pics of the possible bride-to-be after the jump.)

THE SUN is there to hear the latest on the lead Doll’s desire to tie the knot. Actually, they heard it from a recent issue of HELLO! magazine. (If that’s a British publication, shouldn’t it really be called ‘ELLO! magazine?)

Anyway, here’s Nicole’s thoughts when popped the question about being popped the question:

“Would I get married? For sure and, yeah, the Dolls can be the bridesmaids. But I have to get engaged first. Late July is looking good.

“Marriage is a seal of love. On my solo album I have sung about how much I love that and what the whole process would mean to me. Who needs a reason to seal their love?”

So she’s in love with Seal? I thought she wanted to marry Lewis Hamilton. Love can be so confusing sometimes.

Maybe some more photos of Ms. Scherzinger can lessen any confusion. Here’s what Lewis can look forward to spending the rest of his life with:

Nicole Scherzinger Pussycat Dolls

Nicole Scherzinger Pussycall Doll

Nicole Scherzinger Pussycat Dolls

Nicole Scherzinger Pussycat Dolls

Nicole Scherzinger Pussycat Dolls