Blog-A-Roni: Public Votes On Best USC O.C.

• INSIDE SOCAL gets offensive in asking USC fans which Trojan coordinator they would prefer:

USC coordinator vote

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS reminds you there’s no crying in baseball, as Yankee broadcaster Suzyn Waldman tears up about Joe Girardi’s hiring.• THE LAZY EYE OF STUART SCOTT gets down with Hall & Oates, who congratulate Adrian Peterson on his big day.

• FULL COURT PRESS finds Ric Bucher batting 1.000, as the ESPN analyst aggravates Pistons president Joe Dumars with his incorrect Kobe-to-Detroit trade rumors:

Joe Dumars DVD

• JEN’S FREE THROWS comes on down, as Grant Hill & his mom are ready to play the Family Feud.• PART MULE offers an olive branch, as the U.N. wants everyone to call a truce during the Beijing Olympics.