PSU Players Now Claiming Innocence: “It’s A Joke”

The PORTLAND OREGONIAN continues to follow up on the ugly scene that recently played out in Cabo, Mexico between a Michigan man and two Portland State basketball players.

Jeremiah Dominguez Scott Morrison Portland State

Kyle Meagher of Lansing claims he was savagely beaten by PSU players Scott Morrison and Jeremiah Dominguez after he prevented them VIP access to a party.

However, the Oregonian reports today that Morrison and Dominguez are claiming their innocence.

“I’m not sure what to believe,” PSU coach Ken Bone said from San Antonio, where he’s attending events around the Final Four. “I’ve heard from (assistant coach) Tyler Geving, and he told me that he talked with Jeremiah (Tuesday) night and Jeremiah said, ‘Coach, we got set up on this deal and it’s a joke.’

The Oregon outlet also has Morrison’s father vehemently denying that his son was involved in the attack.

Meanwhile, Meagher’s mother, Karen Shurlow, claims to be flabbergasted at the response of the accused.

“It’s just a fiasco,” she said moments after suggesting money changed hands before the players were released. “And I’m kind of sad. Not that I necessarily want these kids in jail down there, but they need to take responsibility for what they did. Now they’re trying to make my son into a liar? That he’s trying to frame them? He had no idea they were basketball players when he ID’d them.”

Morrison is 6-foot-11, so we’re not so sure that Meagher didn’t have an inkling that he was a basketball player.

The bottom line in all of this is that it appears that even if Dominguez and Morrison did do anything, because it happened in a third-world country, nothing may come of it.

And if they were indeed involved, that would be a travesty.

Our question is, why isn’t anyone consulting the foremost psychological expert on these kinds of situations?

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