Pseudo-Priest Sneaks Into Notre Dame Stadium Before Game

HEAVEN HELP US - FAKE PRIEST SNEAKS INTO IRISH GAME: A prankster posing as a priest was able to sneak into Notre Dame Stadium just before a game:

Notre Dame kid Rowan Atkinson priest

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED also learns that the domer daredevil posted his heretical hijinks on YouTube - only to have the video-sharing site take it down.

The clip showed the dishonest deacon posing by the “Play Like A Champion Today” sign, chatting it up with a TV reporter, and even greeting the Fighting Irish squad as they hit the field against Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech Notre Dame

University spokesman Dennis Brown said security thought the “priest” and his camera crew were on the up-and-up, adding, “It looked professional enough that clearly the ushers at the gate were deceived and made a mistake.

Brown continued that current stadium proceedures should be enough to keep future false fun from following.


Still, God can’t be happy that they allowed the parochial phony to prank around under the eyes of Touchdown Jesus. The Irish’s odorous 0-2 start must be His divine punishment.