Pryor: Makes Millions For OSU, Can’t Wear Jeans

Doug Lesmerises of the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER reports that Terrelle Pryor missed the traditional ‘Beef Bowl’ at Lawry’s Prime Rib on Sunday because he didn’t properly adhere to Jim Tressel’s dress code.

Terrelle Pryor Jersey

Yes, Pryor is the best player on a team that generated $36M in profit for Ohio State last year, essentially paying for all other sports teams at the school save men’s hoops. Yes, Ohio State will sell thousands of Pryor #2 jerseys this season. Yes, Pryor’s play will ultimately inspire many non-athletes to enroll at the school. And yes, Pryor’s a big reason why Ohio State will enjoy an $18M(!) Rose Bowl payout this year.

But, he was wearing jeans.

I have no problem with a team dress code, but when college athletes generate as much revenue as they do in football and basketball,  it’s a little absurd for someone like Tressel to bar Pryor from a team function for wearing jeans.

Pryor handled it as well as anyone in his position could. Thank goodness for Ohio State he doesn’t play hoops. Or is in touch with reality.

Now if Pryor was getting paid, as he should be, then it’d be a completely different story. But he isn’t.

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