Pro Skateboarders Are Different Than You And Me

So I’ve always wondered exactly what goes on during a typical day in Jereme Rogers’ neighborhood. Now I know. The pro skateboarder — who was TransWorld Skateboarding’s 2006 Rookie of the Year — had to be subdued by police on Monday after he stripped naked, climbed onto the roof of his home and began preaching about God. Oh psychedelic mushrooms, is there anything you can’t do?

Jereme Rogers

“It was obviously something I shouldn’t have done,” Rogers said as he rolled a marijuana joint in his bedroom. “It was just something that happened.”

Yep, that’s right - Rogers was preparing a tasty joint while he was being interviewed by the Daily Breeze about the incident. Ha.

It all happened in (where else?) Redondo Beach, California:

Redondo Beach police Lt. Jim Acquarelli climbed about 20 to 30 feet to the roof, where he found Rogers yelling and screaming. Acquarelli said Rogers’ roommates told him that he had ingested the hallucinogenic drug. Rogers ran back and forth around the roof’s perimeter, sitting down at the edge with his back to the street.

“He would have fragmented, interrupted conversations with people that weren’t there,” the lieutenant said. “He never lost his balance. The potential was there for it. If he had taken a few negligible steps to the right, that would have impeded his balance and would have led to his demise.”

All of this must thrill his sponsors, Billabong, DVS, Royal Diamond, Modern Wheels, Monster Energy Drink and Boost Mobile. Or then again, since this is pro skateboarding, where people call each other “dawg” and various things get “shredded,” perhaps this incident is a plus.

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