Pro Bowl Wagering: Last Step Before Intervention

The betting windows presumably closed about 20 minutes ago. Up until then, however, you could have put some action on a multitude of things related to the Pro Bowl. Yes, the Pro Bowl. If you did that? This is you:


I’m not here to judge you. I’m just saying that the question of whether the NFC or AFC enters the red zone first is not even a question of good taste.

It is surely not something to throw a Franklin at.

If you must indulge in the Pro Bowl — the NFL’s equivalent of your hot girlfriend breaking up with you via e-mail, one week after bringing over four bottles of wine and her twin sister — because you know it’s the last NFL game for many, many months, that’s your business.

But I’d recommend the second half of the Heat vs. Lakers, Shawn Marion and Pau Gasol with their new teams. Stay away from the game in which many of the best chosen players — Brady? Moss? Hello? — elect to stay home.