Prized Recruit Quits Gophers Hoops On Youtube

Myron P. Medcalf of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE introduces us to the newest generation of basketball stars, University of Minnesota basketball player Royce White.

Royce White Quits Minnesota Gophers Hoops On Youtube Video

White, who is currently under investigation for stealing a laptop, said on his own Youtube video today that he is quitting the Gophers basketball team because the police inquiry is taking too long. Medcalf:

Minnesota freshman forward Royce White, who was suspended indefinitely due to legal troubles, says he can’t wait any longer for the completion of an on-campus burglary investigation that’s played a key role in keeping him sidelined and away from the team.

The Minneapolis City Attorney’s Office told Medcalf the process could take a month.

Video of the *dramatic* video after the jump.


“I’m making a decision as of right now, and it will take something … big for me to go against the decision, to leave college basketball. I gotta leave college basketball because I’m just ridding, I’m ridding people of the burden. And what I’m a do next is to be decided.”

Most dramatic thing I’ve seen since a Liza Minnelli DVD scene PBS sent me for a donation.

This move by White may be a prelude to him going Europe to play pro basketball. More likely though it’s an attention grab, with his ego getting the best of him. He wants everyone at The U. to beg him to come back, to take back the leverage in his relationship with the school, team and Tubby Smith (forget the hollow praise for Smith in the video).

Think Tubby will cave? If he doesn’t, there’s plenty of minicam-armed college coaches willing to crawl on hands and knees to land a White transfer. (Don’t forget the editing software fellas!)