Prince Fielder in Royal Trouble Due To Dad’s Debts

Milwaukee Brewers slugger Prince Fielder has inherited a lot from dad Cecil - his powerful swing, his large frame, and now, his legal woes.

Prince Fielder

HOUSTONED crunches the numbers, as a Georgia financial company is suing Prince and also his grandparents in an effort to get back money owed by Cecil.

The problems started in 2000, when Cecil signed some leases with ORIX Financial Services to help finance his trucking company. However, Cecil defaulted on the loans in 2003, and ORIX sued to recover more than $1 million lent to the former Detroit Tiger.

Prince & the grandparents come in the picture because ORIX claims Cecil signed over ownership of his two houses to the relatives. The company says the move was made to hide assets, with the intent to “hinder, delay and/or defraud ORIX.”

Cecil Fielder

It’s not the first time Cecil’s money troubles came to haunt Prince. Once after a minor league game, the younger Fielder was tracked down by a process server and given papers, naming his dad as a defendant in another business-related lawsuit.

It looks like Cecil’s been a royal pain in the butt for Prince.