Priest Says The Cubs Threw Him ‘Under The Bus’

It’s been 100 years since the Chicago Cubs won a World Series, and as it tends to happen under these circumstances, the Cubs and Cubs fans alike have come up with myriads of excuses why. There’s the Curse of the Billy Goat from 1945, that black cat at Shea Stadium in 1969, and of course, Steve Bartman in 2003. Anything to keep themselves from admitting that maybe the Cubs just suck.

Of course, they’ve also tried plenty of different methods to breaking these “curses” over the years. They let a goat into Wrigley Field in hopes of appeasing the goat gods or something, they’ve blown up the Bartman ball, and I’m pretty sure there are plans to have every black cat in Chicago spayed. Then there was the priest whom they had bless the Cubs dugout before the playoffs last year, and obviously it didn’t work because the team was swept out of the first round by the Dodgers. Which makes the priest who did the blessing a perfect scapegoat.


Rev. James L. Greanias, the Greek Orthodox priest brought in to Wrigley Field to remove a curse before Game 1 of last year’s playoffs, has accused Cubs Chairman Crane Kenney of throwing him “under the bus” at last weekend’s Cubs Convention.

When a fan asked about the ritual, Kenney took the blame, calling it “one of the dumbest things” he had done. Kenney said Greanias had initially approached him.

“An e-mail comes in, and this was a huge Cubs fan who wants to get tickets to the game and has a cell phone with a Cubs ring tone on it, and I said, ‘Let him go,’ ” Kenney said.

Greanias’ account is somewhat different, as he says it was Kenney who approached him.

“Kenney told me he wanted a Greek Orthodox priest because [William] Sianis was Greek,” said Greanias, referring to the tavern owner who placed a hex on the Cubs during the 1945 World Series. “The last thing on my mind was calling the Cubs to ask them to bless the field. In fact, I thought it was a joke at first.”

This is a really smart move by the Cubs. They already figure they’ve been cursed by everything else, so now they’ve decided to go and get God himself ticked off at them. Way to go, you morons. Maybe this season you can sacrifice some virgins at home plate before the first pitch on Opening Day.