“Pretend Rape” Allegations For Lacrosse Players

What in the name of Duke lacrosse is going on in Jupiter, Fla.? Two high school lacrosse students are in deep trouble after a coach walked in on them “fake raping” another student.

Storm Stockstill

Before we get into what that entails, let’s build you a mental picture. Of the two perpetrators, one can’t be named because of his age, but the 18-year-old’s name was Storm Stockstill. Now that you’re picturing a gay porn actor, let’s get to the details.

The 15-year-old victim says he was held in the gym room against his will, while the defendants performed what they called “pretend rape” on him. This involved “simulated sex acts,” but we really don’t get more information on what that means. How clothed were they? How simulated was the sex?

“They were laughing and the coaches were laughing. It kind of blew me away because I thought the coaches would do actually something about it and not like laugh,” says the victim.

Adds his mother: “He feels raped, he feels emotionally stripped, exhausted, he felt humiliated and degraded.”

The school board issued a statement:

“The allegation involving three Jupiter High School students continues under police investigation.  The school took immediate and strong action as soon as the incident was reported in November.  Maximum discipline has been issued in the case.  While the school took the appropriate action, students and staff received additional information to further prevent any incident of this nature from taking place in the future.”

The “maximum discipline” issued turned out to be a ten-day suspension. The victim has pressed charges.