Preteens Lead Golf Cart Chase, Probably Slowly

Admit it: you’ve always wanted to drive a golf cart on the street. A bunch of kids lived that dream last week, stealing the cart from a golf course and leading resort employees in a second cart on a low-speed chase down a major highway in northern Australia.

Happy Gilmore

The story doesn’t say how long the chase lasted, but I’d like to picture it stretching for miles through the desert landscape like a scene out of Mad Max, with mohawked resort employees flinging primitive catapults toward the boys. Most of the cart thieves escaped, and police are requesting assistance in locating them so they can be charged with multiple counts of awesome. (A few more tricks Al Cowlings missed, after the jump.)
This being northern Australia, I can only assume it has been dominating the headlines for the past week. I’m sure they had choppers circling overhead, interrupting Game 5 of the boomerang tossing championships.

The boys who stole the cart may not be the brightest roos on the walkabout, but they knew enough to ditch the cart and run once actual cars got involved in the chase. They ditched the cart in the brush and scattered, but the cops were able to catch and arrest a 10-year-old boy. And we all know what happens to 10-year-old boys who commit crimes in Australia:

Bart Simpson

(Disparaging the boot is a bootable offense.)

Now, all video of the chase has been censored, likely by the highest levels of Parliament to avoid copycat ragamuffins. But here’s footage from our own country’s criminal mastermind, trying to elude police by driving a golf cart through a Las Vegas country club. Poor schmuck, even the newscasters are laughing at him.