British Version Of Erin Andrews: Charlotte Jackson

We have Erin Andrews, England has Charlotte Jackson:

Charlotte Jackson photos

Jackson is the hottest, freshest TV sports “presenter” in the U.K. these days, appearing on a midday sports show on something called the Setanta Sports News channel.

Leading up to that prestigious position, she’s had quite an accomplished background, having appearing in the UK series “Catfight” as a participant, covering the Olympics for Al-Jazeera (what the?) and, according to Wikipedia, serving “also as a singer and a backing vocalist for Tony Christie for a TV appearance for his hit, “‘Is this the Way to Amarillo.‘”

Talk about a trailblazer. Linda Cohn would be so proud!

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You can read an interview with her here. And to be honest, she seems to be relatively knowledgeable. And obviously she’s extremely striking.

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Charlotte Jackson

Charlotte Jackson

Charlotte Jackson

When I was coming up in the broadcast business as a lowly sports announcer, I always wondered what the quickest path was to stardom:

Charlotte Jackson

1) Start off in small markets, getting experience and working your way up the media food chain?
2) Start off in a large market as a glorified gopher and hoping for a lucky break?
3) Start off in print, have a fake folksy accent, grow really bad facial hair and wait for Tony Reali to call you?
4) Start off in bad TV pilots, get blonde dye job, subtle implants, veneers (top and bottom) and religiously adhere to three daily hours on the elliptical?

Charlotte Jackson LARGE

(The pantless part? Well at least we have that in common)

I went with #1, and you see where that got me: Eating Roy Rogers while pantless on a Greyhound to Hagerstown.