Prepare For Malice In The Palace, Philippines Style

Becoming the Ron Artest of the Philippines is probably not something that every professional basketball player sets out to do, but Wynne Arboleda is not your ordinary pro hoops player. First of all, his nickname is “The Snatcher,” supposedly in reference to his ability to steal the ball. Secondly, he has a bit of a temper.

Arboleda, a guard for the PBA’s Burger King Whoppers (yep), was suspended for the remainder of the season and his salary is being withheld after he went into the crowd to fight a spectator during a game with Smart-Gilas Pilipinas on Friday.

The very entertaining video follows the jump.

This “fight” doesn’t approach Malice in the Palace standards; for one thing, no one is lobbing liquid refreshments. But you have to marvel at a player just walking over to a fan and kicking him in the stomach, then raining blows as his own teammates try and pull him away. Apparently the fan had been cursing Arboleda for his second flagrant foul, which had been whistled moments before.

And all the while he’s pummeling the guy, Arboleda is wearing a big “Burger King” logo on his chest. It’s as if The King from those commercials went berserk and began attacking civilians.

Also please note in the video how the guy seated next to the victim casually gets up and walks away as his friend is being pulverized. The man attacked by Arbodela, Alain Katigbak, is thinking of suing.

“I take full responsibility and express regret over the unfortunate incident that involved me and a PBA fan during the Burger King-SMART Gilas game on 16 October 2009,” said Arboleda in an apology on Saturday.

“My action was provoked by the incessant name-calling and cursing uttered by the said fan particularly to me each time I was within hearing distance.”

“The continuous barrage of invectives and insults towards my person, my family and my team were just too difficult to withstand.”

In no way did a lawyer or agent help him write that. How dare you.

Meanwhile, over at the Whoppers’ web site: