Pension Problems Causing Colts Coach To Quit

Howard Mudd has spent 35 straight seasons coaching in the NFL, serving the last 11 years as offensive line coach for the Indianapolis Colts. During his time in Indy, Mudd has plotted to provide protection for conquering QB hero Peyton Manning, with positive results - the Colts line has ranked 7th or better in the league in sacks allowed for 10 of those 11 years, helping Peyton amass the 11 best passing yardage seasons in team history.

Howard Mudd Peyton Manning

But now Howard has decided to give his coaching career the heave-ho, telling the team he plans to retire. But it’s not because he’s tired of the job - he’s worried about his future finances.

Phil Richards of the INDIANAPOLIS STAR explains that what’s putting Mudd out to pasture is his concerns about his pension. If Howard keeps coaching, he may not have as much money to live on in his post-coaching days:

Mudd’s decision, (NFL Coaches Association executive director Larry) Kennan said, is based on prospective changes to retirement benefits for NFL front office employees quietly approved by owners at meetings in Dana Point, Calif., in March. He is eligible to take his full pension in a lump-sum payment now, but that option may not exist after this year because the value of the fund has decreased so much recently.

What kind of crazy economy is this when you could be earning more money by not working?

Mudd’s removal means the Colts will have to deal with their fifth coaching change this offseason. In addition to Jim Caldwell replacing Tony Dungy, Indy has also newly employed defensive coordinator Larry Coyer, special teams coach Ray Rychleski and quarterbacks coach Frank Reich.

Frank Reich? So if Peyton ever finds himself down 35-3 in the third quarter, he’s in good hands.

But now that Frank’s find a new job, he’ll have to cut back on his speaking engagements.