Possible Erin Andrews Stalker Appears In Public

Michael David Barrett appeared in a Chicago court this morning “looking tan and dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit.”

Erin Andrews black dress

After a brief, five minute appearance, a judge will now decide on Monday if Barrett will be released on bond that day to travel alone to Los Angeles to face charges in a U.S. District Court, where he’s accused of trying to sell naked videos of Erin Andrews to TMZ.

Characterized as a “stocky insurance company employee“, Barrett’s lawyer, who described himself as a longtime friend of the suspect, expressed profound surprise over Barrett’s alleged actions.

Defense attorney Rick Beuke told reporters after court that he had known Barrett for about 10 years and never known him to be in trouble.

“I don’t think he’s even had a traffic ticket,” Beuke said. “He’s as regular a guy as you’ll ever meet — a great friend. I must have calls from 30 people wanting to know what they could do to help.”

Beuke also said that he “assumed the charges weren’t true.

Andrews released a statement today expressing relief. Andrews’ lawyer, Marshall Grossman, added, “I think she’s probably sleeping more soundly tonight than she has since these videos surfaced.

Andrews is working the Auburn-Tennessee game tonight for ESPN in Knoxville.

I keep seeing this reference to “Erin Pageviews” in all the Associated Press accounts of the story, as if that was her nickname among online media. Never heard that until I read it last night.