Joe Posnanski Goes Off On Harold Reynolds Rant

Sportswriter Joe Posnanski is generally recognized as one of the nicest guys in the business. While many sportswriters (and, truth be told, bloggers) have made a name for themselves being shouty and contrarian about everything sports has to offer, Posnanski has more often than not celebrated sports, the personalities playing them, and reminded us why we love the games in the first place.

Harold Reynolds

So it was a little surprising, and a lot funny, to read Posnanski’s latest “JOEBLOG” post in which he goes all FIRE JOE MORGAN (RIP) on genial MLB analyst Harold Reynolds. Reynolds, in a blog post at, pulled the ol’ statistics-hating schtick that ex-athletes generally do, and it damn near made poor JoePo’s head explode.

Posnanski’s piece starts off tentatively, as if he’s almost apologizing for what he’s about to do:

Little did I know that in a mere 522 words, Harold Reynolds would leave me a broken man. It isn’t that I disagree with what I think is his conclusion (OPS is a flawed statistic — I loosely agree with this). It isn’t that I am opposed to ballplayers standing up for what they believe about the game (hey, there are a lot of ways someone can be a good baseball player). It isn’t even that the logic of a short post sends me tossing and turning and I have a weak stomach…

Then, Mr. Nice unleashes his inner Ken Tremendous with a pretty epic rant that somehow manages to reference Roseanne Barr, Artie Lange, the 1991 movie “Hook”, and Andrew “Dice” Clay, then deconstructs the post in an epic laundry list that lays bare the twisted logic of Reynolds. It’s worth the time to check out - watching a real pro like Posnanski take a whack at the bloggers’ sarcasm-and-outrage game is a treat that shouldn’t be missed.