Posey ‘Awkardly’ Pushed C’s DVD Day Before Bolt

Just a day before deciding to ink a free agent contract with the New Orleans Hornets, forward James Posey was with Eddie House, signing copies of the Celtics’ championship DVD. “Awkward” doesn’t begin to describe that particular situation.

Eddie House and James Posey

The BOSTON GLOBE’S Celtics blog takes some notes from the AP, and let’s just say that the vibe of Posey possibly leaving was in the air.

According to the AP, fans made their way through the line and told the players they hoped to have them back for a repeat, with Posey telling one fan: “Me, too. Me, too.” Speaking of the premiere, several Celtics fans in attendance chanted “Bring back Posey” when the players were introduced before the screening. Posey was clearly uncomfortable being on stage during the chant, flashing a sly smile before ducking out behind the curtain to watch the DVD with the team in a private room.

Sounds like a man who knew he was already on his way out of town for four years and $25 million. It’s like a very public break-up; when you know you’re going to dump someone for someone else, aren’t quite ready to admit it yet, and it’s an anniversary celebration or the other person’s birthday.

Anyone would squirm in a situation like that, because there are no good answers to questions about whether you’re staying or not.