Portland Blazers Critic To Join Teams Flagship Radio Station

SQUEAKY WHEEL GETS PALMS GREASED BY TEAM STATION: A vocal and sometimes rabid critic of the Portland Trail Blazers will be joining the team’s flagship radio station:

Canzano Walton Blazers

John Canzano, columnist for the PORTLAND OREGONIAN, will be moving his “Bald-Faced Truth” radio show from KFXX to KXL-AM, a station owned by Blazers top man Paul Allen that also broadcasts all the team’s games.

Canzano’s biggest-known feat was during the glory days of the “Jail Blazers” reign, when he had Damon Stoudamire take an unannounced drug test during the 2003-2004 season. Canzano showed up in the locker room one day with a specimen bottle, Stoudamire did his duty, and an independent lab eventually found him clean.

Damon Stoudamire Specimen Bottle Bag

Canzano promises that the switch to his new employer won’t change his style, stating in a release, “I’m sure there will be days the people we’re talking about on the show wished KXL had never done this.”

Blazers COO Mike Golub sounds excited about adding someone who’s spoken not so favorably about his team in the past, saying that the new partnership “will add an unprecedented level of transparency.”

Portland Blazers Fans

Canzano premieres on KXL in September, so it will be interesting to check back in October if Canzano’s still speaking his mind, or speaking the Blazers’ hand-fed line, or speaking on at all.