Portland Beavers Offer Promotion for Bob L. Head

BEAVERS BOB FOR DOLL’S TRUE INSPIRATION: The Triple-A Portland Beavers want to give the inspiration for the bobblehead doll his just due. If only they can find him.

At the very least, anyone named Bob L. Head — legally — can apply for the honor at the team’s official website from now until March 31. The night of the event will take place Aug. 18. Documented proof of name required. The first 2,000 fans will get an official Bob L. Head bobblehead.

“It’s time the original gets his day in the sun,” said Jadira Ruiz, the Beavers promotions director.

Once the winner is found, maybe they’ll continue the search for that fourth Alou brother: Felipe, Jesus, Matty and, of course, Bob.