Portland Beavers Give a Dam About Fans Opinion For New Name

BEAVERS GIVE A DAM ABOUT FANS’ CHOICE IN NEW NAME: The Portland Beavers give a dam about what you think, as the minor league team is searching for a new identity:

Portland Beavers mascot

Fans and curious onlookers can cast their votes at the club’s official website to help make a move to a new moniker. There are five options to choose from: Green Sox, Sockeyes, Thorns, Wet Sox, and for those who fear change, Beavers.

Each choice contains a brief description of what each proposed nickname means. And instead of just picking one name, the team asks voters to rank the selections from 1 to 5.

Portland baseball names

Our vote goes with the Portland Wet Sox. The opportunities for humor are infinite! But if management decides to do a more gradual phasing in, they can combine the new with the old and go by the Wet Beav…um, never mind.