Porter Opens Mouth Again, Runs Smack On Favre

You have to give Joey Porter credit. The Dolphins linebacker’s on-the-field skills might be diminishing at a rapid rate, but his ability to mouth off sure isn’t.

Joey Porter Dolphins

The latest? Ahead of Miami’s season-opening game against the Jets on Sunday, Porter has basically said that Brett Favre is “just another quarterback”.


“It’s all green to me,” Porter told reporters Monday in Miami. “He’s got on a green jersey, so I mean, a quarterback is a quarterback. As long as he’s got a number on him and he’s legal to hit, we’ll be after him.”

Right. And next he’s going to try and convince us that pit bulls that can take down a horse are just dogs, the same as poodles or shih tzus.

First, I was glad to see this story to be reminded that Porter was in the league. Second, Porter is no stranger to smack talk: just ask Kellen Winslow. Or Jerramy Stevens. But needless to say, there’s a pretty big gap in talent, career achievements and overall douchiness between those two and Favre.

But of course, it’s all in good fun and meant to give them game some added spark. I’m sure after the game he’ll invite Favre to head out to a casino in the Miami area and play a friendy game of blackjack.

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