Acta’s Office Blessed to be Pope’s Dressing Room

Nats manager Manny Acta couldn’t get into his office Thursday morning. Did he lock himself out? Did he accidentally show up at RFK instead?

No, his work space was taken over by a touring visitor - Pope Benedict.

Manny Acta Pope Benedict

(”Hey, Manny - Toss it over here!“)

The WASHINGTON POST reports that Acta’s office was used by the holy father to dress and prepare for mass held at Nationals Park that day.

Around 46,000 worshippers packed the rafters of the new ballpark to witness Benedict’s first service on American soil. (If only the Nats could draw that consistently well.) And it sounded like it was a glorious time:

Trumpets sounded as he entered the stadium, and tiny papal flags fluttered across the stadium as people waved them wildly to herald his arrival. Worshipers hung over rails and positioned themselves to catch a glimpse, recording the event in myriad ways — camera phones, video recorders, digital cameras.

But here’s our favorite highlight:

One man snapped pictures with a camera in one hand and held his cellphone to his ear with the other: “Hey, Midge! Turn on the TV,” he yelled into the phone.

Did you get that, Midge? Did you turn on the TV? ‘Cause you’re going to hell if you didn’t.

Of course, having his room unavailable didn’t bother Acta, since he & the rest of the Nats are off in New York playing the Mets. Although Manny doesn’t consider himself a member of any specific religion, he still thinks the Pope’s office occupation is something special:

“How many times can you put together catching the president first, and then having the pope use your office? Not many people can say that.”

Manny Acta George W. Bush

Nowadays, how many people would want to say that?