Pope Benedict Should Bless Entire Sports World

Manny Acta’s office wasn’t the only thing tangentially connected to the sports world to receive the divine blessing of Pope Benedict XVI, as Jets quarterback Kellen Clemens had his newborn daughter blessed by the pontiff during His Popeliness’ visit to Nationals Park, the ASSOCIATED PRESS reports.

“Not pictured: People relevant to this story. But, hey, cute girl!”

Clemens “was moved to tears Thursday after Pope Benedict XVI blessed and kissed his newborn daughter, Kate Elizabeth, following Benedict’s two-hour, open-air Mass at Nationals Park.Benedict was greeting some of the more than 45,000 in attendance when he came upon Clemens, his wife, Nicole, and their nearly 4-week-old baby, who were sitting on the aisle in one of the rows of floor seating.

“‘My eyes welled up with tears, it was such a moving experience,” Clemens said. “I don’t really know if we fully understand just how special it was. That’s a direct descendant of Peter, and there he is giving a blessing and a kiss to our child.’”

Does that mean when celebrating touchdowns, Clemens need not point to the sky but only to his daughter in the stands? I suppose that saves the effort of having point your arm up. While he’s at it, perhaps Clemens could have brought new lineman Alan Faneca for some divine inspiration. You know that extra money is going straight to sinning and slacking off. The excess hair is the giveaway.