Pope Approached, Snubbed Catholic LPGA Player

Ron Sirak of GOLF DIGEST has the most bizarre part of the already strange early retirement of top LPGA player Lorena Ochoa:

The Pope's Golf Cart

(Perhaps John Paul Would’ve Noted We’re Not In The 16th Century)

There had been whispers about trouble in Ochoa’s personal life for well over a year, pretty much ever since Andres Conesa, the director general of Aeromexico, whom she married in December, went public with their relationship by appearing at LPGA events. The relationship complicated Ochoa’s life in a variety of ways.

Not only is Conesa 12 years older than the 28-year-old Ochoa, he is divorced and has three children. Ochoa and her family are devoutly Catholic and the fact she was engaged to a man who had been married before complicated her relations with her family, according to sources familiar with the situation.

Late in 2008, the Vatican asked Ochoa to become a global spokesperson for Catholic women in sports. When she told Vatican officials about Conesa the offer was withdrawn, sources said, hurting her deeply.

The number of Americans who would be “hurt deeply” by such a gesture from the Pope has decreased dramatically over the past decade for obvious reasons.

Apparently that sentiment though doesn’t extend to south of the border, which may explain Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony’s zeal in labeling state of Arizona officials as ‘Nazis’ for their intention to carry out immigration laws.

Catholic Priests Give Nazi Salute

Not that I doubt Mahony and the Catholic Church’s expertise on the subject.