Polo Invades Virginia with Journey Guitarist Playing National Anthem

• THE DUDE ABIDES rides along on polo invading Virginia, featuring the guitarist from Journey going Jimi Hendrix with the National Anthem. Rock on!

Polo Journey

• ONE MORE DYING QUAIL believes clothes do make the man, as Garry Sheffield isn’t as scary as a cat as he was a Bronx Bomber.

• YAY SPORTS! inks and paints a comic book (er, graphic novel) take on the epic Suns-Spurs Game 4 showdown.

• But SPORTS SHOW ON MUTE questions the bravado, awarding Nash an Oscar to place next to his MVP awards.

• NATION OF ISLAM weighs in on the drama in Dallas, saying the real cancer in the Cowboys’ clubhouse wasn’t of the T.O. but of the Tuna variety.

• Just like Fidel Castro, BUGS & CRANKS examines how history might have been different had Jerry Falwell chosen baseball instead.

Fidel Castro Jerry Falwell

• With pig-killing teammates and fleeing the cheeseheads as concerns, WASTING COMPANY TIME asks who’s the bigger Drama Queen - Favre or McNabb.

Prostate exams may get a rise out of fans, but THE JAUNT discovers that silly PR stunts have always been a boon in Milwaukee.

• Is minor league hockey fixed? This page from the official ECHL web site names a league champ, even though the playoffs haven’t finished yet (scroll down).

• YELLOW CHAIR SPORTS plays conference name roulette, as the Mid-Continent Conference has been rechristened the Summit League.