Majority Of Georgians Polled Want All-White Hoops

The ABC-TV affiliate in Augusta (WJBF) and the Fox-TV affiliate in Atlanta (WAGA) had the unfortunate idea to run polls about the proposed latent homosexual all-white basketball league by Don “Moose” Lewis.

All White Basketball League Georgians Don't Think Its Racist

(Think he’ll spend the evening alone?)

The Atlanta TV poll asked viewers: “Do you think Lewis’ all-white professional basketball league is racist?” 54% responded, “no, it isn’t racist.

Augusta’s TV poll? Don’t ask.

Over 1,000 viewers were asked, “Do You Think An All-White Professional Basketball Team Is A Good Idea For Augusta? 60% of respondents answered, “Yes.

I’ve lived in Atlanta and worked dozens of sports events in Augusta in my broadcasting career. I’m now living in Los Angeles, where I’ve spent the past the 10 years.

Yes, I’ve experienced more racism in Georgia than in other places I’ve lived, but the overall percentage of racist people in that state isn’t vastly higher than it is in a place like Los Angeles. The big difference is the fervency of racists in places like Atlanta and Augusta, which is why you get those poll results.

Because of slavery, hardcore racism in the south is interwoven into families like no other place. The generational chain is practically unbreakable - I have first-hand knowledge. So when those folks get the rare opportunity to advance their ugly agenda, you get those polls. (What were those TV stations thinking?!)

I’ve covered lifetime losers like Lewis my entire life. If you look up his background, you see one failed sports league/promotional venture after another. Every town has dozens of hucksters like Lewis. Dude never created anything legitimate that anyone ever cared about, so he got desperate and started spewing this garbage to stir people up. The league will never see the light of day.

Anyone who would entertain this guy as a legitimate “sports promoter” needs to have their common sense card revoked.