The Decision, Part II: To Retire LeBron’s Number

LeBron James is, statistically, by far the greatest player in Cleveland Cavaliers history - by any measure.

Retire LeBron James Number, Cleveland Fans

(Cavs Fans Now Have Own ‘Decision’ To Make)

But it goes without saying that Dan Gilbert probably won’t be hoisting his number into the rafters anytime soon, but is that really fair?

Were the Cavs better off never having James? Is it appropriate to gauge his contribution to the city based on a month’s worth of profound bad judgement?

Should the Cavaliers retire LeBron James’ number #23 in the future?

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Do Clevelanders really want to throw away memories of the good times James provided them by burying the number of the club’s greatest player? The call is really not about James, it’s about recognizing an era of Cleveland basketball history. To disown it would be to also disregard the people who supported the team then and now.

At the very least, by retiring James’ number the Cavaliers and the city would show the world that one man can’t keep the people of Cleveland down.

Don’t give James too much credit, Cleveland. Celebrate your investment in the team. A team that, thanks to James, had seven glorious seasons.

If it does happen I only make one humble request, Cleveland: Don’t invite Jim Gray.