Poll: Girl Dunking Easily Or Five-Man-Jump Dunk?

You may have seen the Keon Bell dunk at the Pepperdine’s Midnight Madness last week - the one where he leaps five of his teammates en route to the slam.

Keon Bell Britney Griner Dunk

(It’s five in the video kids)

That’s the coolest dunk I can really remember seeing, except perhaps watching Baylor freshman Britney Griner become the first woman ever to throwdown with ease.

What’s the more impressive dunk?

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I’ve posted the videos of their dunks after the jump. Be sure to vote, interested in what you all think. I’m going with Griner, since she’s absolutely a pioneer in being able to do what she does. I honestly think she could completely change women’s basketball if she gets the proper amount of exposure and marketing.