Poll: Dance With Nantz Or Get On The Gus Bus?

I’m starting to sense that the NCAA Tournament-spawned online popularity of Gus Johnson is transitioning from a quasi-mocking tone to a genuine appreciation for his excitable on-air style. A style that’s a complete departure from virtually all national television network play-by-play guys.

Gus Johnson and Jim Nantz

(Gusgasms Keep March Madness Fans Gushing)

So why have so many people responded positively to what some might consider Johnson’s contrived, showboating style? Because the people who matter obviously think what he does is instead a natural outpouring of affection for the game.

With 96 looming, if any major sporting ever needed more of that right damn now, it’s March Madness.

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So I want to take your temperature on who you’d prefer in the booth for future Final Fours. That is, to find out if you actually do take Johnson seriously as a candidate to replace Jim Nantz.

My feeling is, as the NCAA is making us force down 96, the least it could do is sate our frustration with an extra couple weeks of Gusgasms.

Also, I think there’s a reasonable chance that when 96 happens, CBS could lose the rights to March Madness. If that happens, this very well could be Nantz’s last Dance. And even if CBS does retain the rights, if Billy Packer’s recent demise is any indication, it might be time for a play-by-play change too.