Treasurer Steals $130,000 From NY Little League

God only knows where a Little League got $130,000 — those must have been some pretty aggressive candy bar sales drives — but someone seems to have stolen it. The former treasurer for Stony Point Little League in New York has been arrested for cooking the books and making off with the money meant for equipment, hiring umpires and, well, hmm … there’s still 110 grand left over.

Karen Ramos

Maybe they were going to have a pizza party with the money — with live music by Bruce Springsteen. Anyway, Karen Ramos was arrested and charged with second-degree grand larceny and 26 counts of first-degree falsifying business records. Well, the banks don’t have money anymore; where else is she going to embezzle it from?

Ramos had been the league’s treasurer since 2003, but it was unclear how long police think that the alleged thefts had been occurring.

Stony Point police and the Rockland County District Attorney’s Office have been investigating the missing funds since February, having subpoenaed bank records, police Detective Sgt. Edward Finn said.

At her arraignment in Town Court yesterday afternoon, Keith Braunfotel, a New City lawyer representing Ramos, placed tissues into her cuffed hands. She pleaded not guilty.

Members of the league’s executive board went to the police in early February after realizing that several thousand dollars and a $26,000 certificate of deposit were missing.

Ramos is accused of forging the monthly account balance reports to cover up the theft, police said. If convicted, she could serve up to four years in prison on each count. Ramos was released without bail and is due in court Sept. 3.

Not that this kind of thing is unprecedented. I’m just glad there’s a few Little Leagues that have managed to avoid the recession.

At least no sex toys were involved this time.

Alright parents, you may resume your normal activities.