Clearly Title IX Doesn’t Apply To Police Procedure

Monday night UNC beat Duke in a women’s basketball game, and Edward G. Robinson III (apparently his real name) of the RALEIGH NEWS & OBSERVER (via FANHOUSE) reports on an ensuing celebration that almost led to the arrest of North Carolina women’s basketball coach Sylvia Hatchell.

UNC Cheerleader

(UNC celebration visual aid)

Excerpt: “After her third-ranked Tar Heels defeated 11th-ranked Duke on Monday night, Hatchell instructed the team bus driver to head down Franklin Street so she and a few players could throw toilet paper on a tree in front of Sutton’s Drug Store.

Tossing paper over two trees, with a few fans coming out of bars to watch, the Tar Heels were in full celebration mode until a local police car pulled up — bright lights blinking — to stop the festivities.

The police then issued Hatchell a “verbal warning for littering and asked that she and her players pick up the paper.

The coach wasn’t exactly thrilled at the police response, considering the “excessive celebration that occurs after the men’s team wins at Duke.” Hatchell mocked the officers after they were gone, as “she put her hands behind her back, pretending she had been arrested.

Hatchell: “We’ve got a great women’s team. That was a big win for us over Duke. Let them do a little bit of celebrating. …It was worth it.

We’ve seen our share of college town postgame celebrations that got out of hand (especially when we were in the middle of them at the University of Georgia). But there’s one small detail Ms. Hatchell is missing: Those celebrations were about games that the majority of the student population cared about.

We know, we didn’t really have to say that. You already knew.