Police Report Leaked, Woods Drank Before Crash

The ORLANDO SENTINEL reports today that, “Tiger Woods was drinking before he wrecked his SUV two weeks ago, a witness told a Florida Highway Patrol trooper.

Tiger Woods drank before car crash

(Doc via TMZ.com)

That witness was the same person who pulled Woods from his damaged truck, a document released this afternoon states. Elin Nordegren Woods, Tiger Woods’ wife, told Windermere police that she dragged the injured golfer from his Cadillac Escalade about 2:25 a.m. Nov. 27 with the help of a golf club.

As the “witness” was the person who dragged Woods out of the Escalade, Woods’ wife was probably the person who told police he had been drinking.

More importantly, it was revealed that attending FHP officer Joshua Evans was denied a request to have Woods take a blood test after the accident.

Assistant State Attorney Steve Foster, who heads the state attorney’s intake division, blocked the request.

Foster cited, “Insufficient information provided to lawfully issue subpoena.

Woods was unconscious at the scene and the trooper had a statement from (allegedly) Nordegren that Woods had been drinking and also was prescribed Ambien and Vicodin. That’s insufficent evidence?

This case is getting uglier for Woods by the minute.

What’s also astonishing about all of this is that the report was not made available to theĀ  until RadarOnline.com posted it on its website today. If not for Radar and TMZ.com, how different would this story be today?

We probably wouldn’t still be talking about it.