Police: Gun At McNair Murder Scene Was Kazemi’s

The gun that was found at the Steve McNair homicide scene had been purchased by Sahel Kazemi, the woman with whom he was having an affair and who was found dead with him in his condo, Nashville police just confirmed. Although other theories are still on the table, according to police, the possibility of a murder-suicide is emerging as the more likely scenario. At this point, however, is it wise to assume anything in the case that blurs the line between real life and film noir?

Sahel Kazemi Photo Steve McNairs Girlfriend Photo

Kazemi’s nephew, Farzin Abdi, has said earlier that police are “almost certain” that Kazemi was the shooter, and that she had purchased the handgun that was found beneath her body at the scene. Police would not say that publicly until just moments ago, however. And that gives credence to the most likely scenario of all — jilted lover, who had expected her boyfriend to divorce his wife and marry her, snaps when he gets cold feet and tells her it’s over. Crime fiction wouldn’t exist without this staple; Greek Tragedy, indeed.

But whatever the truth is, McNair was most certainly playing the woman, and paid the ultimate price. Police aren’t taking anything for granted, however; which is why it’s kind of curious that they’ve released the information about the gun. More not-seen-before photos above, and below.

Sahel Kazemi Photo Steve McNairs Girlfriend Photo


“We believe the pistol recovered from the apartment was purchased by Kazemi,” Metro spokesman Don Aaron said.

Police also said that they questioned Kazemi’s ex-boyfriend, Keith Norfleet, for several hours on Sunday, and that he is not a suspect. In fact, there are still no suspects being actively pursued.

“He was cooperative during questioning, then he went on his way,” Aaron said.

Norfleet told The Tennessean on Saturday that he went to police headquarters on his own Saturday, looking for answers on whether the woman he broke up with five months prior was the one who died alongside McNair. He was not questioned that night, but asked to leave his contact information, Aaron said.

“We know Norfleet was a former boyfriend of Kazemi’s, and he obviously had his opinion of the relationship between she and McNair,” Aaron said. “He was a person who needed to be interviewed in detail.”

Aaron said the testing to see if gunshot residue was present on Kazemi’s hands has not yet been completed.

Keith Norfleet Photo Sahel Kazemi's Ex-Boyfriend

(Keith Norfleet, and blurry pal)

The fact that the gun was Kazemi’s, and that her ex-boyfriend, Norfleet, came to police immediately of his own accord, gives further weight to the murder-suicide scenario. But don’t be shocked if we’re hit with a bombshell somewhere down the line that provides deatils no one was expecting.