Police Discover Noose Near Tilghman’s Old House

In a good example of, “Hey, maybe things have gone a little too far,” a noose was placed near the entrance to the former home of THE GOLF CHANNEL’s Kelly Tilghman, who was suspended two weeks for the infamous Tiger-lynch comment.

Kelly Tilghman Nick Faldo

Tilghman and Nick Faldo might be the whitest people ever. But that’s no reason for this. From the AP:

“Police have removed a noose found hanging on a subdivision sign where an announcer for The Golf Channel used to live.

The announcer, Kelly Tilghman, was suspended for two weeks last month after making her now infamous “lynch” remark on the air during the Golf Channel’s broadcast on Jan. 4. In response to Nick Faldo’s joking that the young players of the PGA Tour may have to gang up on Tiger Woods to compete with him, she suggested with a laugh that they “lynch him in a back alley.”

The noose was found at the entrance to Tilghman Estates, which includes the description, ‘Home of Kelly Tilghman, Golf Channel.’

Police told The (Myrtle Beach) Sun News that they haven’t received any threats against Tilghman’s relatives in the area.”

Tilghman apparenlty couldn’t be reached for comment. Otherwise, she would have said, “They ought to lynch whoever did this.” By the way, Tilghman Estates? How much do you make for uttering off-color remarks on the Golf Channel?