Police Finally Nab Diabolical ‘Sugarcreek Merman’

Kevin L. Miller’s one-piece women’s bathing suit reign of terror officially ended on Tuesday, when Ohio police arrested the individual many are calling the Sugarcreek Merman. Miller was apprehended without incident at his home in Sugarcreek Township, while still wearing the bathing suit. Yep, this man was living the dream, 24/7.

Kevin L. Miller

(He flew too close to the sun on wings of kooky)

According to police, Miller had been harassing young girls near the Little Miami River since last week, approaching them while wearing the bathing suit and asking how he looked. And just for variety, apparently he had been exposing himself. That is no way for a Merman to act. But Miller was packing more in his swimsuit than just his junk.


Kevin Miller, 41, was wearing a woman’s one-piece bathing suit when Sugarcreek Township police took him into custody at his home on Washington Mill Road. Officers said he had several other bathing suits stuffed in his bra. Miller was charged with five counts of public indecency and three counts of menancing. The judge set Miller’s bond at $10,000.

You can debate the morality of a man wearing women’s swimwear and exposing himself near a major river. But stuffing his bra? That’s just wrong.

Evidence of bra stuffing clearly visible in photo below.

Kevin L. Miller

But at least one blogger is not happy with the arrest. Matt Bagwine, author of Bagwine Ruminations, thinks that authorities went too far by arresting Miller. He then illustrated his point in disturbing fashion.

While the guy’s habit is a bit amusing, the fact that he was arrested over it, is not. Not At All. It’s an irreverent, yet salient demonstration as to how many Americans want to ban, arrest, and/or sue anything and anyone who offends them.

Well have me arrested and sue me, B****es, because today, I am going to walk around in public wearing this:

Ahh! My eyes!