Pole Dancing Should Be In Olympics, Says Genius

If you ever actually look through the schedule for the Olympics, you’ll notice a lot of sports that just don’t seem very, well, sporty. The Steeplechase. Power-Walking. Curling. And now someone wants to introduce another activity onto the world stage via the Olympics: pole dancing.

Gymnastic pole dancer

At the European pole dancing championships held last night - why is it we always hear about these events after the fact - one of the contestants began wondering aloud why this isn’t an Olympic sport yet. After all, they’re wearing the same skimpy outfits as gymnasts, and sometimes use even more muscle control.

From YAHOO News:

“Everything which we do requires so much strength. You train your legs and your muscles. It has nothing to do with eroticism. You have no time to think of that!” said Jeannine Wikering, the 26-year-old competitor for Germany who came third.

“I think one day it should be an Olympic sport — but that will take time. You would have to agree which moves on which to judge competitors, at the moment we all have such different routines,” she added.

Actually, she does make a whole lot of sense (great minds do think alike). If she writes up some kind of petition, we’d be more than happy to sign it. And then, seeing as we’d be emotionally invested, we’d have to start following this new sport extra closely, maybe by scouting some of the new up-and-comers over at the Spearmint Rhino.