Poker Magazines Go For the Hotties On The Cover

For some reason, we’re finding it tougher to distinguish between the legit card-player magazines and the stuff that the 7-Eleven clerks have to hide behind the counter.

Start with TOP PAIR, billed as “entertainment for poker players” (it must be a success because we haven’t found any new issue since the Oct./Nov. 2006 publication).

The stories tend to be pedestrian Q&A’s, the photo quality is borderline junior-high, and publisher/desperate housewife-looking JillAnn Spaulding seems to be more interested in pimping her own website.

HIGHROLLER, which expounds to give us more about “The Good Life,” at least goes high-glossy, but with that in-flight periodical feel. One issue tells how to bet on NASCAR, rates everything from hotels to website poker games, and generally uses a higher-class of female eye candy.