Please Start Giving Black Sports Fans More Credit

Photos of Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane and Adam Burish on Halloween surfaced on the web this week. Kane portraying Scottie Pippen and Burish as Dennis Rodman:

Chicago Blackhawks In Blackface For Halloween Patrick Kane Adam Burish

(Burish on left)

Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo Sports blogs today about the response from the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, which he writes, “has decided to turn this manufactured controversy into a cottage industry of content. Along with Wilkins’s piece, the Blackhawks photo has been blogged about in at least three other places on the publication’s Web site.

Staffers didn’t start ripping away until a Tribune “social media intern” named Ernest Wilkins, who is black, wrote: “It’s interesting being a Black (feel free to sub in Latino/Woman/actual Penguin at your will) hockey fan sometimes. We don’t see a lot of players that look like us, and we want more people out there to look up to on the ice. Stuff like this doesn’t help.

So if a hockey fan is black, those costumes are going to change their perception of the sport they love and follow?

It’s insulting for Wilkins to suggest that anyone would base their affinity for a professional sport on the Halloween costumes NHL players wear - racially insensitive or not.

I think black sports fans are a lot more discriminating then that. Isn’t it time we started to give them some credit?