Please Keep Sharp Objects Away From Yao Ming

With the Beijing Olympics coming to an end yesterday, I have no doubt there are some people out there who are upset about it. I know I’ll miss the games a bit myself, because while the Olympics are going on I always have something on television I can watch. However, some people are taking the end of the Games a bit harder.

Yao's Depressed

I mean, I’m kind of sad about it, but if you listen to some folks, it’s as though their lives & their world are coming to an end. Take Yao Ming for example, who when asked about the Olympics finishing up sounded like a 15-year old girl who had just been dumped by her first love and had to put her dog to sleep on the same day.


“I look at these Games, now that they are over, and I wonder what is the next thing for myself, for my country, for all of us?” Yao said just a few hours before he took part in the Closing Ceremony.

“We have spent so many years preparing for this event and now it is over. I have just played in the most important competition of my career. Is my life over?

“I know that’s not true. I know that sounds silly. But I guess you have to be Chinese to understand part of that feeling now and maybe you have to be me to know it all.”

Or maybe you just have to realize that, in the end, all the Olympics are is a sporting event. They really have no meaning at all, but that didn’t stop Yao from further questioning existence.

“After (the) Lithuania game, I come back to my room and I feel my energy just go away,” Yao said. “My body is empty. I have a couple minutes lying on the bed when I cannot even move. Not because I’m tired, but because mentally I feel really, really sad. These games I’ve prepared for almost my whole life and now they’re over.”

Seriously, can we get somebody checking in on Yao’s room ever few minutes? I really think he’s going to kill himself over all of this. He’s just sitting in there in the dark listening to Elliott Smith CDs and crying into a glass of wine. I’m worried about the guy.