Please Don’t Tase The Indiana State Quarterback

Losing 60-7 would be enough to make any college football player want to drown his sorrows after the game. But Calvin Schmidtke learned the hard way on Sunday morning why it’s not such a great idea to do that if you’re underage, and why it’s an especially bad idea to run away from the cops if you get caught. The INDIANA STATESMAN reports that the Indiana State quarterback was arrested and charged with underage drinking and resisting arrest after cops had to use a taser to subdue him.

Calvin Schmidtke released by Washington State

I guess opposing defensive coordinators can cross “elusiveness” of off his list of atrributes when scouting him for the rest of the season.

But you would think that Schmidtke would have known how to get arrested without getting himself in more trouble. In fact, based on his recent past, you would think that he would be quite the expert at getting arrested by this point:

Schmidtke was rated as the No. 15 high school quarterback in the nation and originally committed to play for Washington State. Schmidtke was released from his national letter-of-intent after gathering 11 citations during an 18-month span, among them a driving under the influence charge.

Of course, this is the most shocking news out of the whole story: not that Schmitdke was arrested again for drinking after getting 11 citations in 18 months, but that Washington State actually had the No. 15-rated quarterback in the country at some point? How could that have happened, especially since the team had to have open tryouts for a back-up QB a few weeks ago before settling on an architecture student.

In fact, I’d be willing to bet that Washington State head coach Paul Wulff would be willing to rethink rescinding Schmidtke’s scholarship offer at this point, and give him all the “apple cider” he could drink. As long as he agrees to suppliment his liquid diet with three square meals a day, of course.