Playoff Hockey Forced Off Air for April Baseball

Comcast SportsNet, Dish Network, and the Oakland Athletics’ hitters all conspired to express their true feelings about hockey to San Jose Sharks fans on Wednesday night. John Ryan of the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS covered the confusing events with aplomb.

Comcast SportsNet Bay Area cares

First, Comcast SportsNet Bay Area couldn’t find room for both the A’s-Blue Jays game and the Sharks-Flames Game 1 tilt on their two channels when the A’s made a late comeback, so they ignored the first three goals of the hockey game in the first six minutes.

Dish Network users fared worse: due to either “technical difficulties” or petty in-fighting between corporations about rights fees, they didn’t see any of the first period. And you wonder why hockey is developing a complex…

Supposedly, all was sorted out for last night’s game on CSN; the A’s would be shuffled to the second CSN channel at Sharks game time. (Good thing; the A’s game went extra innings.) However, comments to this post hint that John Ryan has more reporting to do today.

Also, Dish Network has made up with its “technical difficulties” and hopefully managed to show all three periods of the Sharks’ win without further issue. Maybe.

In other words: if you love hockey and you live in San Jose, dust off your passport and buy tickets to Calgary. CSN has more important properties that are more valuable (unless they’re selling them to Dish).