Players Won’t Be Missing Yankee Stadium Smells

As if you haven’t had to put up with enough tributes to Yankee Stadium, get ready for admiration overload tonight when FOX broadcasts the All-Star Game from the Bronx.

Yankee Stadium

But as blasphemous as it sounds, not every single baseball fan & player (outside of Boston) will be saddened to see the stadium go. In fact, some ballplayers will breathe a little easier knowing they won’t be visiting the old ballpark anymore.

The NEW YORK TIMES noses around with some of this year’s All-Stars to find out what they won’t miss about The House That Ruth Built. And one thing they won’t soon forget is the smell:

“Especially when it rains, the smell that comes up through the drainage system is not pretty,” said Jason Varitek of the Boston Red Sox. “It affects your sinuses, I’ll tell you that much.”

(Texas Ranger Michael) Young added: “It depends on the day. The last time we were there, which was a couple of weeks ago, a pipe burst. I was going back up the tunnel, and there was a flood — a sewer line broke or something like that. So I still have that kind of in my nose right now.”

But it’s not just the stink players won’t miss. There’s also the tiny visitors’ clubhouse, and the low-level dugout. As Joe Crede of the Chicago White Sox explained, “Every time somebody scored or got a hit, you jumped up and forgot how low the ceiling is in there.”

Still, the overwhelming odor reigns supreme. But Brandon Webb of the Arizona Diamondbacks thinks such a stench is status quo for a New York ballpark, since he admits, “I think Shea smells worse.”

Well, it’s a good thing they’re tearing that place down, too. Bet players can’t wait to enjoy that new ballpark smell!

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