Player’s Dad Disputes Bullpen Call - With His Fists

Grady Little leaving Pedro in the game too long. Bob Brenley trusting Byung-Hyun Kim’s stuff two nights in a row. Not putting Jerry Morris’s son in to pitch in a meaningless Little League game. These are the decisions that will haunt managers forever.

Crazy Little League Dad

Morris was, shall we say, not enamored of the coach’s decision not to put his son in at pitcher. So he did when any rational little league dad would do: He charged the mound from the stands and beat the holy hell out of an assistant coach, all the while screaming profanities and pretty much assuring that none of his son’s friends will ever want to come over to his house to toss the ol’ horsehide around.

Did we mention this whole thing went down during practice?

Morris’ son is on a 13-14 year old youth team in Dalton, Georgia, and his father evidently second-guessed manager Jared Webb’s decision to put him in the outfield.

Morris said to [assistant coach James] McTaggart, “I’m not going to put up with this s—” and, “This is bulls—”, according to Webb, who saw the confrontation. “Mr. Morris hit (McTaggart) in the mouth,” Webb said, explaining that he tried to pull Morris off McTaggart and told him to leave.

McTaggart told Webb that Morris struck him three times in the mouth. McTaggart also said Morris used vulgar language toward him “and at least 19 children under the age of 14 were present.”

Why did he go after the assistant coach instead of the head coach? Here’s a possibility. Morris has 3 inches and 50 pounds on McTaggart.

Morris said McTaggart threw punches as well, but seeing as how coaches aren’t particularly known for wading into the stands to beat up the parents of their players, no one believes him. That, and the matter of all the witnesses.

Morris was charged with battery and disorderly conduct, and though I’m no legal scholar, probably a few counts of being an a**hole.