Player Source Says OJ Mayo Broke USC Teammate Daniel Hacketts Jaw

PLAYER SOURCE - O.J. MAYO BROKE USC TEAMMATE’S JAW: USC designated sh**-stirrer (we love it!) Scott Wolf of the L.A. DAILY NEWS takes time out of skewering USC Football’s “Caesar’s Club” to inform us on O.J. Mayo’s (inevitable) first run-in with a teammate at USC.

OJ Mayo USC Basketball

Excerpt: “USC coach Tim Floyd said he met with guards O.J. Mayo and Daniel Hackett over the weekend after multiple sources told the Daily News Mayo punched Hackett during a pickup game last month.

OJ Mayo USC Basketball

Hackett broke his jaw in the game, but now claims that it was because “Mayo accidentally threw an elbow after a rebound.

Meanwhile, Wolf disputes Hackett’s account: “Several sources, including a member of the basketball team, said Mayo punched Hackett during the game. No coaches were present.

OJ Mayo USC Basketball

USC player source to the LADN: “Yeah, he punched him. They changed the story for the media.” Hackett is out for at least a month and is expected to lose in excess of 25 pounds because of having his jaw wired shut.

(We here at SbB are now claiming 20% of whomever won your pool on when Mayo’s first run-in would be)