Playboy Super Bowl Party Fails To Measure Up To CAA Maxim Shindigs

PLAYBOY SUPER BOWL PARTY PETERS OUT: As the contact-buzz-inducing smoke clears from the Super Bowl, by all accounts, the CAA party killed, the Maxim party impressed, and Playboy’s presentation for the paying public was a bit of a disappointment.

Arash Markazi of has this POV assessment of Playboy’s pregame playtime: “While the Playboy party was the most hyped shindig during Super Bowl weekend, partying in an arena with thousands of exposed empty seats was a bit jarring.

Playboy Party Super Bowl Miami

It was almost like being at a convention that had transformed into a krunked out party with a Playmate riding on a fur moon hanging from the arena’s ceiling and Playboy bunnies engaging in friendly pillow fights next to the open bar.

Highlights of the night inside the HSB (House Shaq Built) included Bengals QB Carson palming a Sony Playstation controller (and looking allergic to sunlight).

Carson Palmer Playboy Party

Taye Diggs, Jeremy Piven and Alyssa Milano in desperate need of a powder break:

Jeremy Piven Alyssa Milano Taye Diggs

And the obligatory lipsticked (and paid-for) ladies ready to drop their panties.

Playboy Playmates Party Photos

My personal highlight of the week’s SB party snaps was Playboy Playmate Deanna Brooks doing her Danica Patrick imitation at Thursday’s Sony party with Markazi:

Playboy Playmate Deanna Brooks Sports Illustrated Arash Markazi